1875 Day Dress

1875 sketch Worn at: Costume-Con 34

Awards won: Best in Show - Historical Dress

This one all started with an impulse purchase of the checked silk, enabled by Kaijugal.

I went through a lot of fashion plates to decide on the final design; I settled on a design from an 1875 issue of Moniteur de la Mode, but with significant modifications.

I used mostly Truly Victorian patterns, again heavily modified. The train design and lapel details are from other fashion plates, and the front skirt detail is from an 1876 dress in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I was aware that these revers (folded-back contrast) details were often applied on the surface afterwards, but from examination of hi-res photos of this piece it was clear that that was not the case here, and that the dressmaker had indeed faced and piped a slash to get the revers effect. Since I had proof it was possible, I was determined to duplicate it. It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally succeeded.

The bodice and overskirt have double piping done by hand, as I couldn't find a way to sew 2 rows of piping by machine. 

The skirt and train have at least 9 yards of fabric, and are thus really heavy. I spent all 3 seasons of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries pleating (and then ruffling the pleats!), as well as some documentaries.

I made the hat at the con while at panels and in hotel rooms.