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Mosquiton is one of my very favourite shows; it's got fun, action, goofiness, vampires, ecchiness, and men who do laundry! What more do you need?

The 6-part OVA (which is my favourite) is currently being released by AD Vision. The TV series, Master of Mosquiton '99, is only fansubbed at the moment. Look on for fansubbers and distributors.

News! We have our first piece of fanart, in the picture gallery! ^_^


Mosquiton '99 (TV Series)

Picture Gallery

Music of the Undead

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This page is very small because I don't have the time to spend making it big. If you want to find out what I'm spending my time on, check out my page at The Den of Sarcasm or go to Lord Carnage's Cursed Fanboys Page. Ja!

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Last updated March 18, 2003.

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