Since I put up this page oh so long ago, a few bona fide Mosquiton pages have actually appeared! Yay Mo-chan! Why is he so underappreciated...? Anyways, here are some other places for all that bloodsucking goodness you're looking for.

The official Master of Mosquiton page
(it's in Japanese, but it has a Quicktime trailer, concept sketches and other fun stuff)

The Underground Realm of Master of Mosquiton

Mudskipper_00's Master of Mosquiton Page

From the Shadows...Master of Mosquiton

Mosquiton's Abode

TIME: The Unofficial Home of Master of Mosquiton

Invincible Love

...and other stuff:

Lord Carnage's review of Master of Mosquiton

Sarcasm-hime's Harem of Yummy Anime Men!
Mo-chan is included, of course...

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