Aisha Clanclan - Outlaw Star


Worn at: Anime North '01, CN Anime '01, Dragon*Con '02
Awards won: Journeyman Division - Best Catfight, Anime North '01

This costume suffered as a result of my overextending myself and trying to finish three costumes in one month, then coming down with the flu a week before the original con. I was happy with most of it, but there were some bits, like the bell and the breastplate, that I just didn't have time to do the way I wanted. For CNAnime '01 I redid the bell in Paperclay and did some fine-tuning to the boots, ears, breastplate, wig, headband and dress.

This one was also rather hazardous to wear. The shoulderpads got damn heavy after I'd been wearing them for 4 hours, and I was constantly banging my ears and/or shoulderpads into people and doorways. -.-;

Hair: The wig was bought and cut to the right length. The braid is a bunch of hair swatches I bought; the ring is painted Styrofoam. For the ears I made a wire form, made the right shape with duct tape, then hot-glued felt on top. They're sewn to the wig.

Dress and such: The dress is handmade from stretchy fabric; I used an old bodysuit as a pattern. The leggings are bought. The scarf is handmade and attached to the shoulderpads.

Boots: I bought canvas shoes in Chinatown for $5 and sewed cloth legs to them. A zipper goes up the back.

Breastplate & Collar: These are sheet styrene that I got from Warehoused Plastic Sales. It's a thermoplastic, which means that it can be heat-shaped...which is what I did. Heat guns (available in the paint department at your local hardware store) are invaluable for this. To shape it to my body, I made a papier-maché dressform of myself, then shaped the plastic over that. The breastplate is in two pieces; they attach in the back with velcro.

Shoulderpads: The main part is plasterstrip which I draped over my dressform, then covered in polyfilla. The sticky-out bits are foamcore covered in papier-maché, with FIMO 'buttons' glued on and painted. This was the last time I made shoulderpads out of plasterstrip; after 4 hours in this costume, my back and shoulders were really aching.

Accessories: The bracelets, headband and belt buckle are FIMO. The belt is heavy lining material with interfacing. For the belt pouch, I drew a pattern onto tracing paper and then just stitched the pieces of leather together with heavy thread.

Bell: I had planned on making the bell out of brass, but time constraints made it impossible to be finished for AN '01. My emergency replacement was a styrofoam ball which I covered with Paperclay. When it was mostly dry I cut out the hole at the bottom, then poured paint thinner inside to dissolve the styrofoam.

posing with the dummy with Chaos as Merle with Chaos & Derwin Mak Posing in front of the snack bar Showing my claws at CNAnime Showing off my mighty braid... Posing with my catboy-on-a-leash At Dragoncon, looking a bit frizzy

Pics thanks to and Studio of Masquerade Arts