Arwen - BR (Blood Red) dress, from ROTK

Arwen Worn at: Gathering of the Fellowship 2003, TT18

Awards Won: Workmanship Award (for fabric painting and construction) and 3rd Place Presentation (Journeyman division)

When I saw this dress in early trailers and promotional material for the LOTR trilogy, I knew I was in love. I waited patiently as more pictures of it trickled out, and then expected to see it in Fellowship. It wasn't in Fellowship. Then I thought maybe it had been cut from the movie, and waited for the extended DVD. It wasn't on the DVD. It was then used on promotional material for The Two Towers....and wasn't in that movie or DVD either. *sigh*

Luckily the dress was indeed in Return of the King, and I was able to finish it just in time for the Masquerade at the Gathering and then wear it to the premiere of ROTK. Unfortunately some asshole stole my digicam, so I didn't have any pictures until I rewore the costume at TT18.

After the insanity that was Worldcon costuming, this was pretty simple. I just left it to the last minute (as usual) and didn't receive my silk velvet until right before the con so was up all night sewing and got 2 hours of sleep before the Masquerade. The underdress is ankle-length and made from inexpensive black satin. The overdress and lower sleeves are silk/rayon velvet, and I hand-painted the paisley patterns for the upper sleeves and neckline since I couldn't find fabric that looked right. I hand-sewed the lining to the sleeves (there's a lot of sleeve!) as I discovered that sewing velvet to satin on a machine is impossible. The trim is Indian zardosi (embroidery and wirework) on a gray mesh base, which I coloured with markers as it stood out too much. The trim's still a bit too bright, but there isn't a lot I can do about that.

The longer-than-floor-length hem looks lovely when I'm standing still but is a pain in the ass to walk around in. The heavy velvet sleeves are also very unwieldy for doing, well, anything (and that's at only just over a half circle for each sleeve...can't imagine having a full circle). This dress is designed for standing still in and looking pretty. *lol*

I actually didn't expect to win anything, as I didn't consider this costume very difficult (especially not after the Morpheus ones), so was pleasantly surprised by my awards. ^_^

Arwen at TT18 Arwen and Eowyn (Xiola) Arwen and Eowyn (Xiola) Arwen and Eowyn (Xiola) Arwen in the woods Arwen in the woods Arwen in the woods Arwen in the woods

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