White "Astrosexy" Bellydance costume


Worn at: Tribally Yours 08, Inversion:Rewind, Costume-Con 26

This costume was living in my head for more than a year before being realized; the purple Melodia pants were my first pair, bought specifically for this costume.

I had wanted to make a white tribal fusion costume, and managed to talk my troupemates into the idea, as well as dancing to m-flo's "Astrosexy" (Japanese hip-hop).

Our costumes were a big hit, as was our choreography. I love this costume, even though the way I designed the top makes it difficult to get in and out of.

Everything is designed and made by me except the jewellery and pants; I started with cream wool crepe and added texture by topstitching down strips of fuzzy gauzy fabric, white/gold spandex and iridescent sequins. I'm especially fond of the headpiece.

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Pics#5-7 thanks to Eurobeat King.