Babbit Girl - Kodocha

Babbito pyuun! Worn at: Toronto Trek 15, Anime North 2002 & 2003, various dances

Babbit from Kodocha. I'd wanted to do some kind of 'mascot-girl' costume after seeing a bunch of them, and this just popped into my head one day. I wear this as a hall-costume, or for dances.

Hat: I modified a winter hat pattern, Vogue #7129, and added ears. I found the pattern in a bargain bin (it was the only hood-type hat pattern I could find...) but since it was a L/XL pattern it took a lot of pinning on my wig head to get the hat to fit right.

Wings: The wings are made from scratch with navy satin, stuffed and hand-quilted. There's coat-hanger wire inside along the top to keep them in shape.

Shirt: The baby-tee was bought, cropped and fabric-painted.

Shorts & Armbands: I made these from white stretch cotton twill.

Boots: The black boots are borrowed from my housemate; the white ones I found on Ebay later.

In the dealer's room at Trek, with Zel in the background perusing t-shirts At the JCCC 2005 Valentines dance