ATS (American Tribal Style)

ATS is a modern fusion dance style created by FatChanceBellyDance of California. Drawing its movements, costuming, and general inspiration from the Tribal cultures of the Middle East, Northern Africa/Maghreb, India and Spain, ATS is a conglomeration of many different influences, primarily Middle-Eastern bellydance, Spanish flamenco and Rajasthani Indian dance.

One of the main distinguishing features of the style is the group improvisation; there is no choreography. Carefully studied and perfected movements and positions are combined ‘on the fly’ and signaled by subtle cues in order to create the illusion of perfect synchronicity. In this way every performance is unique and exciting both for performer and audience.

Tribal Fusion Dance

"Tribal Fusion" is a label that applies to many disparate styles - it implies a base of Tribal bellydance style that is then fused with another dance style. The most common form, and the style with which most people associate "Tribal Fusion", is a fusion of Tribal bellydance with pop-locking and classic cabaret moves, as made famous by Rachel Brice and The Indigo. It is often darker in tone and focused on tight isolations and accents, and as such is done in solos or choreographies due to the difficulty of cueing such moves. Common music styles for Tribal fusion are electronica, modern Middle-Eastern fusion and gothic artists.