Maral has studied Egyptian-style bellydance at Arabesque Academy since 2003, and has studied American Tribal Style (ATS) and Tribal Fusion since 2005.  She has taken workshops with Rachel Brice and Zoe of The Indigo as well as Freyja, Khafif, Kassar, BellyQueen and Fat Chance Bellydance.

Maral currently performs with the Toronto-based tribal troupe Shades of Araby. In 2006 she performed in the bellydance-fusion dance production Evolution...of the human kind, and she has twice performed with pyrotechnics entertainment company Circus Orange. As a soloist, Maral usually performs tribal fusion.

Maral is also a gifted costumer and makes all her own costumes, as well as costumes for local dance productions and her troupemates. She is available for custom orders; please email for details.

Past Events

    • May 24, 2013

      Maral performs at Anime North Steampunk Ball, Toronto ON

    • April 30, 2013

      Shades of Araby perform at Harem vol. 5 in Hamilton ON

    • March 2013

      Shades of Araby perform at Dancenette, Toronto ON