credits & legal stuff
All pages at the Den are copyrighted to webmistress Maral Agnerian, aka Herself the Elf/Sarcasm-hime.

You are welcome to take any images from this site, EXCEPT:
    - any images from my portfolio
    - any images from the Medea Press site
    - any images from Fanboys! the Manga
    - any of the 'fanboy profile' images or the Fanboys group picture on Lord Carnage's page
    - the front image for my Harem
    - the front image for the Den

I personally drew all of the above images; they are © Maral Agnerian and under no circumstances are you allowed to post them elsewhere or reproduce them without my permission.

Thanks to:
Riot for scanning most everything!
Ganymede for being a kakkoi webmaster and stuff. ^_^

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