Cyd Charisse - Singin' in the Rain

Cyd & Gene Worn at: Costume-Con 29, Polaris 25, Dragoncon 25

Awards Won: Best Recreation Master (Workmanship) and Judges' Choice (Presentation)

I've loved this dress for ages and when I saw that the theme for CC29 was "Broadway" I knew now was the time. I spent about 5 months beading the 34 dress panels and making the rhinestone armbands.

There are no pictures I could find of this costume outside of the movie itself, so I had to take a lot of screenshots and draw myself a diagram to figure everything out.

The 3mm iridescent sequins I got turned out to be too transparent for my taste, so I layered a 2.5mm metallic sequin under each 3mm one to give more depth.

The dress is spandex; the extremely painful shoes are dyeable bridal shoes (avoid these like the plague!) and I dyed the pantyhose to give them the slight green shade seen in close-up shots in the movie.

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