Death - Sandman


Worn at: Toronto Trek 17 (2003)

I was originally planning on wearing Snapdragon at Toronto Trek '03, but the fact that the tattoo takes a couple of hours to paint, coupled with lots of panels that I wanted to go to on Saturday, made me decide to just stick with something simple and easy like Death. It's super-ghetto--everything was just grabbed from my closet ( I guess I have a lot of black clothes, LOL) except for the wig, which was bought for our upcoming Morpheus costumes.

I like this costume a lot--it's comfy (well, except for the PVC pants), requires little prep time (except for putting my hair up) and is very cute. I'm sure I'll wear it again whenever I want a costume but have no time.

For Saturday I wore my PVC pants and powdered my face white a bit....I should have powdered all my exposed skin, but we were rushing to get to a panel that morning and just didn't have time.

Death posing in the Atrium on Friday In the Atrium again Ditto With my trusty umbrella More umbrella I like this one... Like this one too... Close-up...argh, my umbrella is soooo wrinkled. Perched on the railing on Saturday...oooh, shiny pants!