Emerald Gothic Lolita

My original sketch

Worn at: Halloween 2003, Anime North 2004, Halloween 2004, Ad Astra 2006, Anime North 2006

Amusingly enough, this was my most popular costume at AN04 (amusing since at least 50% of it is bought). I could barely walk 5 steps without being harassed for pictures while in the dealers' room.

Emerald Gothic Lolita, an original designinspired by Japanese Lolita street fashion. In a fit of insanity, I bought a floofy petticoat at a secondhand store (after always saying that I was too old to wear poofy costumes), so I had to make a costume to wear with it. I had a green corset that I wanted to wear something with, and I love stripy fabric, and I dearly wanted funky dread-falls, so I came up with this. It's not 'authentic' lolita style as I took some liberties in favour of things I like. Unfortunately the black of the stripes faded a bit when I pre-washed the fabric, but it's not too noticeable. -.-;;

I made the dress from scratch, and matching the stripes took awhile. The sleeves and skirt are lined in green satin, and I found the perfect green trim for the sleeves. I had way too much trim, so I looped it in my hair and around my neck. I searched far and wide for black lace to put around the neckline (I wanted nice Venice lace, not the cheap flimsy stuff you see all the time) but couldn't find it in black, so I bought white lace and dyed it.

Hair: I ordered custom-made green/black dread ponyfalls from Halocaustic Hair and decorated fake flowers with glitter to put in the hair.

Socks & Shoes: Shoes bought on Ebay, socks from Hot Topic. I was so thrilled to find stripy green socks...
Showing my petticoat at High Park Close-up of the previous pic Hiding behind hair By the water, with ducks More water Even more water Plotting something naughty Leaning on the railing Ooh, I'm so tall... The pensive Lolita... From behind.  My head is turned but all you can see is hair, so it looks a bit odd. At the AN06 loli teaparty

Pics thanks to Heki and her L33T photo skillz XD