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WARNING: All persons averse to generous amounts of sarcasm, silliness, the occasional harsh phrase (probably in Japanese), anime in general, or those who just donít have much of a sense of humor, are hereby asked to PLEASE BUGGER OFF!
There. Now that thatís done with, on with the lunacy.
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The cast of Curse of the Fanboys!

Every once in a while, there emerges a work of Anime fanfiction that is spectacular, uplifting and poignant. These are the feelgood fanfics of the year. These are the veritable thrills to the senses, the tantalizing of our minds. These fanfics reach new dramatic levels to become beloved treasures that tug at our emotional heartstrings.

...And if you've been searching for such a fanfic...THEN FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI-SAMA TURN BACK NOW!!!!!!!

The heart-warming tale of some Sailor Senshi, their adoring fanboys, and a carnivorous super deformed Godzilla-thingy for a mascot...with a twist.

They came. They saw. They smited. Welcome to the world of the Fanboys! One morning three Sailor Moon otaku named Chaos, Mayhem and Pesti-chan all woke up to find the Tokyo Tower outside their apartment window. Now they're living in the Sailor Moon universe and given a chance to live out their dreams with their beloved Senshi. Soon even more fanboys drop in to visit. The fanboys are aware that they've traveled into the world of Anime. They know everything about the plot and the characters. This is the ultimate chance to indulge themselves in a self-gratuitous self-insertion fanfic series. The only problem is that the author has other plans for them....


January 30, 2006
Reports of our demise have been (somewhat) exaggerated. We're looking into completely revamping the site at some point in the near future; stay tuned for further info. In the meantime, I've actually gotten a few reviews done! ZOMG!

New reviews: Elfen Lied, Genshinken, and Kurau: Phantom Memory. Also, new music.

www.fanboys.com is now live! Change your bookmarks if you wish...^_^

Lohengrope's Revenge
Now that you've read the omake theatre to Christmasfic 2, pt. 2, how do you think Lohengrope should retaliate against Hysteria's latest fic?

Current Results

"It's beautiful.....but EVIL!!" -- 12 Go To the Moon

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