Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

Rating: 4 Rampages Gundam 0080

The story takes place in the final stages of the One Year War. To provide their newtype pilot Amuro Rei with a machine worthy of his piloting skill, the Federation builds a fourth Gundam prototype with improved reaction speed.
After learning of the new Gundam prototype, the Zeon forces dispatch the Cyclops team to Antarctica, which assaults the Federation base in an attempt to destroy the EFM's new Gundam prototype. Although the team of marine MS thoroughly trash the base defense, the personnel manage to load the components of the Gundam onto a shuttle and launch it into space. The Cyclops team suffers one casualty and heads off to side 6 to complete itís any cost.
The rest of the story takes place at the Revo colony in Side 6. It differs from the typical Gundam series in that it is told from the viewpoint of a small boy, named Alfred Izuhura...

This is classic Gundam at its finest. A real human story with giant robots and some of the most compelling storylines in anime. This one is just fantastic. Itís only a short OVA series, but the characters are convincingly human and the plot is very original. The sad ending is a testament to war, and the pain it inevitably causes. Once again, we are shown why Gundam has such a huge following. Itís a lot more than just mecha.

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