Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories

Rating: 3½ Rampages Gundam 0083

During the battle of A Bao A Qu, the tide of the conflict begins to shift in favor of the Federation. Determined that further fighting is futile, Aguille Delaz's fleet decides to retreat from the battlefield and bide their time until they get a second chance.
Following the One Year War, the Federation rebuilds their Space Navy and develops several new Gundam prototypes, one of which is designed for nuclear warfare. In the fall of UC 0083, as the finished Gundam prototypes are brought to Torrington in Australia for testing, Delaz commences Operation Stardust and sends One Year War ace pilot Anavel Gato to Earth...
The mobile suit carrier Albion brings the Gundams to the Torrington base and loads Unit 2 with a nuclear warhead. With the help of a spy in the Anaheim crew, Gato infiltrates the base at night under the guise of a Federation officer and hijacks Unit 2, after which a handful of Zeon forces launch a surprise attack to cover Gato's escape. Although test pilot Kou Uraki appropriates the Gundam Unit 1 and attempts to stop Unit 2, Gato swats Kou's machine aside and flies off. The Albion, and Kou begin to pursue Gato and the Gundam 02, determined to stop whatever plans he and the Zeon forces may have for the massive mech...

Another classic example of the glory that is Gundam. A fantastically complex story, lush art, excellent characters and fantastic mecha make this yet another Gundam series worth catching.

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