Gundam 0079: 08th MS Team

Rating: 3 Rampages The 08th MS Team

It's late in the year UC 0079, the time of the One Year War. After the destruction of the Earth Federation's military power and the Zeon conquest of half the Earth's surface, the Federation has finally caught up with the Zeon technology and begun rebuilding its forces for a counterattack. Nine months after the start of the war, the Federation has begun trial production of its own mobile suits and sent them into combat in the jungles of Southeast Asia.
Now, a young Federal Forces officer named Shiro Amada is about to face his trial by fire. En route to his assignment on Earth, he meets Zeon test pilot Aina Saharin in battle and then is forced to team up with her when they are both marooned in space. When he arrives on Earth and takes command of the Federation's 08th MS Team, the last thing he expects is to meet this mystery woman again. But fate has strange things in store for Shiro...

After only a few episodes, this one had me hooked. Not quite as good as War in the Pocket or Zeta, itís still a damned good series. Great art, interesting characters, and a new twist on the Gundam formula make this one worth watching.

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