3x3 Eyes

Rating: 3 Rampages Pai and Yakumo

3x3 Eyes is the story of a girl named Pai, one of the sole surviving members of an ancient mysterious race, the Sanjiyan Unkara (Three-Eyed-Ones). The Sanjiyans are beautiful, extremely long-lived creatures who are capable of consuming one soul and merging it with their own. Pai, however, has no memory of her past, only that she has one goal: to become human. By all outward appearances, Pai appears to be a normal girl, with a bright, happy, personality. Most of the time, she seems unaware of her dual personality.
Yakumo Fuji is (er, was) a rather normal Japanese teenager attending high school in Japan. Basically abandoned by his father and mother, Yakumo makes ends meet by working as a transvestite in a gay bar in Shinjuku. On his way to work one evening, he literally runs into (or over) Pai, who is in Japan searching for Yakumo in order to give him a letter from his recently deceased father, Professor Fuji. Prof. Fuji discovered Pai in Tibet and his dying wish was for Yakumo to help Pai become human. Yakumo is not too happy about this development.
Paiís pet monster Takuhi goes on a rampage, and in his effort to save Pai from her death, he himself is gored by the monster. Horrified at the apparent death of her new friend, Paiís Sanjiyan powers surface. Her third eye opens, and in an act which joins their fates, she merges Yakumoís soul with her own in order to save his life. Yakumo awakens to find that he is, unbelievably, alive! His clothes are a bloody mess, but all of his wounds are healed. Pai is sound asleep beside him. On his forehead, a single Chinese character has appeared... a symbol that reads Wu, meaning void or nothingness. Yakumo has become inexorably tied to Pai, and it doesnít take long for him to learn what becoming her Wu entails...

Pai and her monster Episodes seen: 1st OVA

Herself the Elf sez: Now, I saw the Carl Macek dub, so it was somewhat difficult to ignore Yakumo's voice actor (whose voice had a striking resemblance to that of Makoto in the El Hazard dub...), but this was nevertheless a pretty good show. Rather dark, with plenty of blood and guts (Yakumo gets dismembered and/or crushed on a regular basis) mixed with occasional slapstick moments and a touch of romance make this a strange beast indeed...but it all works, somehow. The supporting cast are a lot of fun, especially Ling-Ling the Nabiki Tendou clone. The plot is fairly sophisticated and the art is very nice. The music was fairly forgettable, I guess, since I watched it just the other day and can't remember a thing about the music...ehehehe. ^_~;
Megumi Hayashibara plays Pai, so it's worth watching just for that if nothing else. I've heard that the 2nd OVA is better than the first.... Recommended, just avoid the dub.

Coming soon from Pioneer.

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