The Five Star Stories

Rating: 3 Rampages

way-cool mecha! Synopsis:
The Five Star Stories: Destiny Lachesis is only the prologue to a very large and infinitely complex manga series by Mamoru Nagano. The manga still makes the rounds in Newtype magazine. Toys Press puts out several good source books, as well as compilations of the magazine serials. This is a *big* story folks. Unfortunately this means that the viewer may not catch everything at once, or even twice around. This is a film you need to watch several times unless you have access to source material and a good plot synopsis or two. The beauty of FSS is that while you might miss a few of the deeper plot elements, it is still an enjoyable and often times moving story.
The film starts with the ruins of a battlefield as a female voice narrates the story of the Joker Systems (the five stars from the title -one of them is actually a comet.) We see a giant robot standing victorious over the field.
Despite this image of an anime staple, FSS is *not* a mecha story. They are prevalent in the feudal societies of the Joker systems, but they are not central to the anime or the manga. Nagano uses them as backdrop more often then he puts them through their paces. The narration then explains the ‘Fatima,’ as an attractive young woman steps out of her cockpit to join her master in surveying the remains. Fatima are the artificially created female systems managers that make piloting the giant ‘Mortar Headd’ robots possible. It is the Fatima who are central to this story, and one Fatima in particular. She is the Lachesis from the title.

It may not really be a five star story, but it’s still pretty good. Interesting and fairly unique art style with an interesting and fairly unique storyline, it’s a refreshing change from the usual mecha genre. Can be a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with the manga but pretty good all around.
Part of this review was taken from the T.H.E.M. Science Fiction & Fantasy Club web site.

Currently only available fansubbed.