Project A-Ko

A-Ko and B-Ko, head to head.

Rating: 4½ Rampages

A strange meteor, a space ship capable of wiping out the earth defense force, two friends going to a new high school and a bitter enemy from K-garden. Does it all add up, do you care? Not really. Three strange high school girls are the main characters in this bizarre anime: A-ko, a red haired girl with super strength and fighting skill; B-ko, a lavender haired girl who is also a scientific genius, and quite powermad; C-ko a ditzy, useless, and completely insane alien princess that both the other girl fight over the rights to be friends with. Warped, silly fun in this parody of everything that is anime. Best scene: When confronted by a robot A-ko simply kicks the leg and the robot collapses to the ground. Best Line: When B-ko pulls off her uniform to reveal her battle costume, A-ko responds. "Isn't that kinda cold?"

Okay, if youíre looking through this list of reviews and only recognize one or two series youíve seen, donít watch Project A-ko. If, however, youíre like me and have already enjoyed a great number of the classics, youíre in for a treat and will be spending most of your time rolling on the floor. This series shamelessly parodies every single genre in anime and has loads of fun doing it.

Available subbed or dubbed through US Manga Corps, a subsidiary of Central Park Media.

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