Leon and some big helmet thing

AD Police Files

Rating: 3½ Rampages

A 3 episode OVA series set in the Bubblegum Crisis world, but several years before. Each episode is a seperate story, and centers around the exploits of several AD Police rookies, including a young Leon.

Episodes seen: 3 of 3

Done by the same people as the original BGC, the animation is great by default. It's quite interesting to see a young, idealistic version of Leon, he's a lot different than in BGC here. Though the setting is more or less the same, the stories are quite a bit darker, and don't really end all that well (not that most of the BGC episodes ended well either...). Because it's following the cases of the ADPolice, there's a crimesolving/mysterious feel to it that you don't get in BGC. Though the music isn't quite as good as BGC, it's still worth noting, and the voice acting is still bang on. All in all a solid series, and worth buying if you’re a BGC fan. Just like its predecessor, avoid the dubs like the plague.

AD Police Headquarters

Available subbed or dubbed through AnimEigo. Avoid the dub.