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Ah! Megami-Sama

(aka Oh! my Goddess)

Rating: 3½ Rampages

When College junior Keiichi Morisato calls the wrong number for a pizza, and instead reaches the help line of the heavens, he gets a special delivery...Goddess first class Belldandy! Belldandy grants him a wish, and Keiichi decides that what he really needs is a girlfriend just like Belldandy...which is just what he gets. This five part OVA tells the heartwarming story of Keiichi and Goddess first class Belldandy as they try to love each other and deal with all the problems a college student and a Goddess have to overcome.

Episodes seen: 5 of 5

This was one of the first OVA series I saw and itís an excellent one for new and old otaku. Made by the same people as You're Under Arrest (as you can tell by the character designs) the art is obviously very smooth with some really amazing attention to detail. While some people will swear by the music (the group "Goddess Family Club" made up of the three Seiyuu for the Goddesses, is a very popular band in Japan) I wasn't really amazed by what I heard, but it did fit the show perfectly; cute, bouncy and sweet, just the thing for a romantic comedy. Those of you who really liked the consistently lighthearted antics of You're Under Arrest will probably be a little dissapointed with some of the heavy romantic scenes here, but unlike a lot ot Shoujo dramas, it's not drawn out forever and ever, and you really do feel for the characters (it helps that you don't think either Belldandy or Keichi are total morons). Short and sweet, this is a very well put together OVA and suitable for most any otaku...except those who think Hokuto No Ken was the best movie ever made, but who cares about them? Highly recommended.

The whole SD gang

Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Rating: 3½ Rampages

While Keichi and belldandy are at classes, Urd and Skuld frequently amuse themselves by shrinking down to the size of a rat and entertaining the local house rat. Watch as these SD Goddesses adventure around Keichi and Belldandy's home in these 5 minute short OVAs.

Episodes seen: 16 of ?

Every bit as short as the goddesses in the show, these tiny bite-sized morsels of anime goodness are simply a delight. Fun, silly, and completely ridiculous, these short little 8 episodes are great fun for all ages, whether you've seen the OVAs or not. No romance, drama, scheming, just good clean fun with Urd and Skuld and their Rat. The catch? They're so short that by the time they're all over you must have more!

Available subbed or dubbed through AnimEigo.

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