Video Girl Ai

Ai-chan comes out of the TV

Rating: 3 Rampages

A heart-broken boy, Youta, rents a video tape at a strange video shop. And as he plays the tape on his VCR the star of the film, Ai, comes right out of the TV screen. She's a Video Girl, and her purpose is to comfort Youta. But due to the fact that Youta's VCR was faulty, Ai herself is faulty. She learns a feeling that is forbidden to Video Girls: Love.

Ah, good olí Megumi-sama...such a wonderful voice could only be our goddess seiyuu! This is a very nice anime. Warped, comedic, and full of romance and the beautiful art of Masakazu Katsura (DNA², Iria). Ai-chan is voiced by the wonderfully talented Megumi Hayashibara, and is, of course, the highlight of the show. This series is worth watching just for her =) seriously though, this is a nice OVA series worth watching if you like comedic romance stories. And even if you donít...ITíS MEGUMI!!!!! "Sucker-fish!"

The cast of Video Girl Ai

Available through Viz Video.

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