Rating: 2½ Rampages The AIRBATS team

They're the elite aerialists of the all female 801st Tactical Training Squadron, codename AIRBATS, and brother, do these aces have curves in all the right places! Don't let those good looks fool you, however! When these lovely ladies slip into a warm cockpit and take a pulsing joystick in their hands, the air to air action is as hot as it can get! We won't even talk about what happens once they've landed, when they let down their hair and tear into their extremely overworked flight mechanic, the sole male member of the squad! They're not bad girls...they're just plane crazy!

Episodes seen: 1 of 3

Hrm. I nearly fell asleep during this show. Donít misunderstand...itís not bad, just not really good either. One of the most mediocre anime Iíve ever seen, this one just didnít do it for me. The action sequences...arenít. The typical "one guy and several girls running after him" shtick is even more inane than in other anime, and the forced tension of the flying scenes is rather limp. Kudos for a pretty realistic look at the Japanese SDF...just as long as you arenít looking at the main characters. Decent animation, but horribly two dimensional characters make this only worth renting once...then forgotten. Apparently ADV recently grabbed the rest of this series, two more volumes. *shrug* no accounting for taste I guess.