Air Master

Rating: 1 Rampages

Episodes seen: 1 of ? Maki yelling

In Tokyo, street fights are regularly fought in the back alleys at night. While some fighters are after money, and others fight for fame or honor, there are those who fight just to kill time or quench their bloodthirst.

There is a new fighter in town, and they call her the "Air Master." She moves in the air, and attacks her opponent from the air as if she were flying. And she has never lost a fight. Her real name is Maki Aikawa, and she is a high school athlete born to a father who was a martial artist, and a mother who used to be an athlete as well. Whenever Maki fights, the excitement ignites something in her. The more she fights, the more agile and sophisticated her fighting style becomes. Maki running

Herself the Elf sez: This was directed by the same guy as Dragonball Z...what a surprise. Gawd was this bad. Fighting schoolgirl anime? There is no plot to speak of--who is she, why is she here, why does some Mexican wrestler show up out of nowhere to challenge her? Why are they fighting? WTF is going on? Apparently none of this matters, as the show is a thinly veiled excuse to have pointless fight scene after pointless fight scene to no discernable purpose.

Air Master boasts some of the ugliest character designs in quite awhile; on top of that, Maki looks like a man of about 30, and one of the other schoolgirls has stupid comedic breasts the size of watermelons. Ooooh, boobs are FUNNY! (Maybe if you're 14...) The kid that looks like a 5-year-old (suuuure she's in highschool...WTF again) is posibly the most annoying waste of animation cels in anime history. Just KILL her already...oh, but then there wouldn't be anybody to utter the pointless redundancies like "look! they're flying!" or "They're falling!" Yes, we have EYES. We can see that.

Some bits were kind of funny, but it's hard to determine whether it was intentional or not. This show has enough of a 'serious fight anime' feel to make me suspect that they are, indeed, which case it sucks. With very cheap animation, not much action, lots of shortcuts to convey 'speed' and possibly the most pointless plot to date, Air Master gets many, many thumbs down. Avoid it, for the love of Urd.

Available fansubbed.

Created 17-02-04