Alien 9

Rating: 2 Rampages

Episodes seen: 2 of ? Your average schoolgirls with aliens on their heads

It's 2015, and aliens have landed. Yuri Ootani is a whiny little fifth-grader who gets voted by her classmates to be the class' Anti-Alien Protection Officer to neutralize and capture aliens. Yes, that's right, aliens are invading, so let's recruit eleven-year-olds. Yuri isn't very happy about her new post, especially since it involves wearing a weird alien symbiont, named a Bougu, on her head. The Bougu link telepathically and protect their partners with rather cool retractable claw thingies, and in return the kids have to let them lick their backs. While they're naked. Yes, that's right. o.O;;

Annnnyways, Yuri and her fellow Officers, Kumi and Kasumi, rollerblade around the school trying to catch aliens. Kumi and Kasumi are pretty good at it, especially Kasumi who's some kind of incredibly cute idiot savant - she doesn't seem to have developed language yet (she communicates mostly with 'nyu' and whatnot), but she's a Buffy-level Slayer and loves her job. Meanwhile, Yuri finds the whole business terribly traumatic and sits around crying at the misfortune of her lot in life while her Bougu protects her from multiple alien attacks. Kumi, Kasumi and their advising teacher Megumi get rather impatient with Yuri's ineffectualness and tell her to get over it, but of course she doesn't, and just keeps crying until bad shit really starts to happen.

It turns out that Megumi is actually sending the aliens against her protegés in some kind of training thing which has yet to be explained. Where are the aliens really coming from? And what is Megumi preparing the girls for?

Aw crap, Yuri's gonna start bawling again...

Herself the Elf sez: I'm actually somewhat intrigued by where the story is going, although the first episode just left me in shock, especially with the weird symbiont licking thing. As Havoc said, "Are we going to jail for watching this?" I guess it's supposed to be a kids' show, but MAN is it messed up. Like with Hare and Guu, I'm not sure I'd want my kids watching this simply for the sake of their future sanity.

The design is also weird; all the characters have these marshmallow heads with no noses and eyes on the sides of their heads. The aliens themselves are rather interesting and original in design, though, and the Bougu tread the thin line between cute and freaky. The music's okay, but rather cutesy.

Like I said, with the hints of what's going on with Megumi and the aliens, I am kind of interested in where this is going, but I really don't want to sit through any more of Yuri's goddamn whining. She's the most unsympathetic character I've ever encountered - when faced with any kind of adversity she does absolutely NOTHING, just sits and cries and complains and refuses to act even to save her own or somebody else's life. She has to be constantly rescued and never shows even the slightest hint of a spine--she just sits there and bawls. She was crying through the ENTIRE second episode almost non-stop. After about 10 minutes of "Kowai...kowai...kowai...waaaaahhhh...kowai...waaaahhh" the Fanboys and I were aiming invisible shotguns at her. The story's mildly interesting, but I doubt there are a lot of people out there with the patience to put up with such an annoying main character. I certainly don't.

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Updated 15-10-02