A Wind Named Amnesia

Rating: 3 Rampages the box cover

The Wind named Amnesia is not your ordinary anime of a hero/heroine fighting for justice. It's more about life, the human life and the human strive. One day a mysterious wind blew across the world and everyone suddenly lost their memories, everyone forgetting how to speak, read, and rationalise. However, one boy's destiny was different from the rest. Among his primitiveness, inside his heart still stood the warmth and caring feeling of a civilised human being. After meeting Johnny who educate him and named him Wataru, Wataru set out to see and witness the world with its now primitive human beings. On his journey he met Sophia, a mysterious yet enchanting lady. They then travel to New York and their journey tells us of the human life and the thing which drives the human spirit and motivation. In the end, Wataru himself has to answer to those who created the wind, enlightening them of the strength, the power of the human heart.

Once again, another oneshot that confused the heck out of me. Well, not quite, but it still didnít make a lot of sense. Nonetheless, it's a pretty good movie. The characters (all three of them that have speaking parts) are interesting and fairly deep, the story is an intriguing take on the post-apocalyptic genre, and fairly refreshing. The animation, tho looking slightly dated, is still quite well done. A good rental, but Iím kind of dubious about buying this, as it's not for everyone. Do not watch it if you are expecting high action/tension and comedy. Recommended.

Available subtitled or dubbed through US Manga Corps.