Sarcasm's AN2002 Con Diary

Thursday, May 23.

           Got Windy's wig done a whole day early. No last-minute costuming at the con this year! Yay!


Friday, May 24.

           Friday morning I got up around 10, packed up Lipumira and headed over to the hotel to help Tristen set up her costume display. I'd never taken the TTC to the hotel, and thought I'd found a faster route than having to go to Lawrence West station...except that particular bus only runs at rush hour. *sigh* So it took me awhile to get there. When I finally got to the hotel around 1, I rushed down to the art room...but Tristen's stuff hadn't even arrived yet, and she was freaking out.

           I decided to get dressed in the meantime, so I headed to the bathroom and started putting up my hair. Chatted with some Gundam Wing cosplayers while there. I'd forgotten to bring photo reference, so unbeknownst to me my ribbon was on the wrong leg. Also forgot about the eartails. Grr. Anyways, dressed and made up, I headed back to the art room to wait for Tristen's boxes.

           They finally arrived at 3:30, at which point we started setting up. I arranged jewellery and did minor repairs on Galaxia, etc. Then I heard that Roupen was looking for me while I was getting dressed, so I headed upstairs to find him. And what did I see at the Reg desk, but James (Ruckus)! I bounded up to him squealing, while Roupen commented that I might fall out of my outfit if I kept that up. Big hugs all around, while I'm sure all the guys in the reg line were jealous of him. *lol*

           Then I headed to the lobby to find the COSP shoot, but there was nobody there. Hum. We skipped the Red and White show in favour of getting food while we waited for the music videos, so James and Leah and I went to the Banyan lounge (we missed the Elvis, unfortunately) for nachos and wings. While there we saw Tristen running frantically back and forth in her Sumire costume. This was my first inkling of the A/V problems that plagued us at AN this year.

           After eating, we saw that a big line had formed for the AMVs, but luckily we found Deso and Jon and Tabby et al in the line so we sat with them. While there I whipped out the double-sided tape to keep Tabby's leg straps on. Stuart (Zel) finally showed up and met us in line just as we were heading in to see the videos, an hour late. We sat there while they go through acres and acres of awful videos. Apparently any video that gets sent in gets played, not just the award winners. Ugh. And just when we we're getting to the award winners (i.e. GOOD videos) I realize it's midnight and I have to go run the yaoi showing. *sigh*

           So Stuart watched the rest of the videos while James and I ran off to the Jrock room, where we were greeted by an immense herd of screaming fangirls. The room was totally packed, just like last year, but there were some tape donations so we had a fairly good variety of shows. We started off with Boku no Sexual Harassment, which James (lucky boy) got to miss since he was in the hall talking with his boyfriend. If you haven't seen Boku no Sexual Harassment, be happy. Some things you just don't want to see. The corn....ugh. just ugh. Level C was okay, although the invisible penis was pretty funny. The screaming fangirls, on the other hand, were annoying. I swear, they travel in herds and share only one brain.

           After Level C, it was around 3am and I was tired so I told everybody to go to bed and we closed up the room. Headed home, took out contacts, washed off makeup and fell into bed.


Saturday, May 25

           Stu, James and I woke up around 12, loaded the car with Windy (lots of stuff to carry) and Babbit. Got to the hotel in time for the Bishounen Appreciation panel, which I'd been kind of dubious about. What do I say? I appreciate bishounen? It was kind of directionless, but the room was full as can be expected, and apparently I have fangirls. When I introduced myself, some of them in the front screamed and cheered. o.O; Phil showed up in his Michikusa dress to give me his room card so I could use his room as a dressing room.

           After the panel we went back to the car to carry all the Windy stuff up to Phil's room. At that point we realized we were hungry, so we went down to the crash space where Leah and Roupen had a cooler full of snacks. I'd been agonizing about when to get ready, as I had a panel at 4 and the masquerade check-in was 6, which left me only one hour to get ready. I finally decided to do my makeup and put my hair up before the panel, and do the rest afterwards. And I'm glad I did, because otherwise I would have been going totally crazy rushing around.

           So James and I went down to the Working on a Budget panel with Tristen and Lisa. Next time I think I should put together some kind of handouts for cosplay panels...anyways, it was neat and Tristen's Benitokage outfit up close is just toooooooo sparkly! After the panel, I ran back upstairs to get dressed and make James into a sparkly J-rock skanky boy (which consisted of some shimmery dark eyeshadow and sparkly hair gel). The wings required some last-minute modification to fit right, but otherwise everything went pretty well. I was spazzing out, but Stu kept telling me to relax, we have lots of time. Got downstairs just after six to find the COSP photoshoot, which was kind of difficult as everything was in TOTAL chaos. Lines of masqueraders everywhere, nobody knew which line was for what, it was very annoying. Lots of photos, though. Never did find the photo shoot, though.

           Finally got everything sorted out, got a number and got into the green room, which was packed. Got my photo taken, went into the Workmanship line. I thoroughly impressed the workmanship judge, as well as Tristen and Lisa who were dashing through the room. I was in Den (cellblock) 6. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. I was hungry, so Chaos (in his Michikusa dress) gave me crackers. Got candies from the Ai Candy group, they were cool. Chatted with Anthy Rose, pinned her bow back together when it fell down. It was kind of hard to sit, as the wings made it so that I had to lean forward all the time. I didn't want to take them off, though, as I wouldn't be able to get them back on without help. Thank the goddess for Handicapped washrooms. My head really hurt...the wig is heavy, and it 'barely' fit over all my hair. It was a VERY tight fit. And the wings were very light, but after hours and hours of not being able to move my shoulders around much, they started to ache.

           Wait, wait, wait. I left my Kero-chan bag with nice Den Mother Sarah, and finally got onstage. The audience gasped when I came onstage, which is a good sign. ^_^ Did my little dance to Time of Gold Flowing from Please Save My Earth, and didn't trip on my dress, which was what I'd been worrying about. Then I rushed offstage and ended up in the photo pit, where many many many pictures were taken. chatted more with Anthy Rose--basically I was just trying to get as many photos as possible, since I didn't have a camera, and figured the more taken the more I can possibly find online. ^_^;

           Finally went upstairs to change into Babbit for the dance, and I should have washed the Windy makeup off my face as it looked kind of weird. Oh well. Anyways, the dance was super fun despite problems with the lights and lack of water. We ran until 4am, and were still packed. James was some kind of freaky dance machine; he didn't sit down once. Of course he paid for it on Sunday when his knees were all wobbly. ^_^ Ruckus the boogie-master! Woo!


Sunday, May 26.

           Got up very reluctantaly to make it to my Wigs/Footwear panel with Tristen & Lisa. After dropping James and I off at the hotel, Stuart ditched us to go back home and sleep. I was a very worn-out Babbit.

           James and I sat down in the lobby to eat sandwiches and bubble tea. It was very nice...sun pouring in the skylight, taro in my tummy, very relaxing. It was the first real 'relax' time I'd had all weekend. This year was much better than last year as far as stress is concerned, though. I got a decent amount of sleep, ate fairly regularly, and was done costuming a day before the con.

           After eating, we watched the Masquerade tape, where we found ourselves sitting next to Chibiwakki (the super-cool Ed). Unfortunately most of the dialogue skits were very difficult or impossible to hear, but it was still neat. After that we were tired and everything was wrapping up, so we called Stu to come pick us and Windy up. Headed home and vegged for the rest of the evening.


Monday, May 27.

           On Monday James and I went shopping in Kensington (the local secondhand/funky stuff area), where he found a cool Guitar Wolf jacket and I found a nifty Singapore Airlines blouse which I love to bits. Then we headed over to Blue Dragon to have hotpot with the Fanboys gang, and many silly stories were told. James hadn't seen Wild Zero, so I decided we HAD to rent it. Rock n' Roll forever! And the next day he had to leave....*pout* Oh well, there's always next year!