You will be punished!


To call Chaos' little sister a lady would be a grievous error...and if she every heard the author say that she'd probably throttle him for reasons she'd make up later. As peripheral to the plot as ever, Anarchy has decided to stick around in the series mainly because she's got a steady supply of Sake and can terrorize any given victim on a whim.

With the hapless (and usually drunk) Suzaku Seishi, Tasuki, belting out karaoke songs beside her, and her pet SD Godzilla-thingy Rampage trying to eat Chaos every other page, Anarchy remains the most powerful avatar in the Fanboys! universe. But she's not in it for the ego trip or for the Anime. Luckily for everyone involved, she could care less about actually being a god-like, self-inserted fangirl. Well, until the Sake runs out anyways. And then it's best recommended to just run.

Mass Destruction Title: Anarchy
Japanese Translation of Name: Kairan
Assumed Name: Jo'o-sama
Latin Nomenclature: Fangirla Regina Sternum Bootia

Fav. Anime OVA series: *yawn!* Where's my Sake?
Fav. Anime TV series: Sake?
Fav. Anime of all times: You know, Sake...the booze?
Fav. Hentai flick: You buy Sake, I drink Sake. What's so hard about this concept?
Fav. Manga artist(s): Stop with the inquisition and get me my Sake, dammit!!
Fav. Manga of all time: okay, that's it. I tried to be nice. Now I'm going to hurt you for paying more attention to this profile than in getting me Sake.

Age in appearance: 16
Looks like: Magic Knights Rayearth's Ryuzaki Umi
Sex: Female

Birthdate: February 29
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood Type: indestructible
Special abilities: invoking mass destruction
Disorder(s): lack of sobriety, singing bad karaoke.
Smiting technique(s): She's a fangirl. Pick a technique of mass destruction. *Any* technique.

Hobbies: smiting Chaos, drinking with Tasuki, smiting Chaos, playing with Rampage, smiting Chaos, singing on karaoke, smiting Chaos
Dislikes: basic stupidity, Chaos, insufferably cute things (ie., Hysteria), Chaos

Income Source: None required- Tasuki's paying for all the sake

Ultimate dream of all time: she began to giggle when we asked her this question, and that's what frightens us the most.

Biggest Anime Mindfuck of the Century:"Get me my Sake NOW, or you'll discover that I'm WORSE than any Anime mindfuck there is."

Fav. food: Chinese take-out
Least Fav. food: brussel sprouts
Likes to Study: unknown, as she's never really gone to Jyuban
Doesn't Like to Study: unknown, see above

Anime character she most admires: Chocolate & Tira Misu ("Those two just kick ass...if they don't whip it first!")

Anime stud she worships: Tasuki
Anime stud she fears: she fears no one

Dream date: private karaoke bar where she & Tasuki can drunkenly belt out horridly butchered tunes that a chained-down Chaos must be forced to listen to.

Quoted as saying: "Sake Sake hot, Sake Sake cold, Sake Sake hot, Sake Sake cold, Sake Sake hot--Plum wine!!"

Most Memorable Fanboy Moment: "Smiting Chaos. Pick an occasion. And that had better be my Sake you've got there or else...."