New Angel

Finger lickin good!

Rating: 2½ Rampages

When high school nerds Keisuke and Shinoyama spot a gorgeous new girl at school, they can't wait to find out who she is. Unfortunately, the girl doesn't seem to exist! However, they soon hear the rumors about the school being haunted by a mysterious spirit and begin to put the facts together. Now completely enarmored by the blithe spirit, Keisuke goes to a psychic/medium to have the girl's spirit channeled... but it is not just a spirit that is going to get raised! Bases upon the hit adult graphic series created by erotic art specialist Ujin, New Angel is the first installment in the sizzling new erotic fantasy series that does not give up the ghost when it comes to sizzling adult action. 4 part OVA. Contains Graphic Sex, Nudity and Adult Situations.

Kind of like First Loves, only minus the morally inclined main character. this guy is (as usual) out to get laid as often as possible, but never manages to get his dream girl. One of the first fully graphic hentai, I have no idea why this is called new angel. after the first episode, the ghost angle is gone completely. anyhoo, completely gratuitous, little plot, and moderately good art (it's a hentai, you expecting Miyazaki?) if you like comedic hentai, and no tentacles, this is your anime.

Available subtitled through Soft Cel Pictures.