Angel of Darkness

Rating: Zero Oh crap, here come the tentacle monsters again

They thought they were going to a good school, then their schedule was rearranged by a guidance counselor from hell! When an instructor digs up a weird glowing object that demands to be fed a steady supply of nubile young women to slake it is unnatural appetite, a private school for girls of good breeding becomes the breeding ground for an unearthly spawn of inhuman horror! Atsuko and Sayaka, new students at the Siren Academy, find themselves abruptly thrust into the middle of an epic clash between the forces of evil and the ancient spirits of the earth. The question is not who will win, but whether any of the Academy's student body will be left alive by the time the battle is over! The lessons are deadly and the final examination is truly final as our heroines take the fate of humanity into their own hands in a non-stop orgy of sex, violence and destruction! In a tour de force of ultra-graphic animation, Atsuko and Sayaka must use their own bodies as bait in order to trap and defeat an entity older than mankind itself. Even with the supernatural aid of an unexpected ally, it is going to take everything they have just to survive this ultimate close encounter with evil!

This is even more painful than it looks Review:
*moan* Make the bad animators stop...I don't care how, just make them stop! You all know the drill, tentacles and perverted plants, stupid nubile schoolgirls with nary a shred of common sense in sight, glowing bodily fluids and plenty of moaning (viewers included). I'm not even going to gratify this pile of shit with a shredding, it was so forgettable. Fromage, pure and simple, there simply is no reason to waste your time and money on this trash. If you're looking for good hentai (yes, there IS such a thing) look elsewhere cause this ain't it.

Available subtitled or dubbed through Soft Cel Pictures.