Argento Soma

Rating: 1½ Rampages

Episodes seen: 1 of ? GYAAAAAA!!

Takt Kaneshiro is a college student studying some kind of weird alchemy thing he calls 'soma'. His girlfriend, Maki, has been working on a mysterious project with Professor Noguchi and has been becoming more and more distant from Takt. He decides to find her and win her back, so he spends a few minutes hacking into various email programs to find out where she is. This search leads him to the Morgue. No, not where the dead bodies are--in this show the secret project she's working for is called Morgue. They're working on defending the earth from a bunch of weird aliens by salvaging bits of dead aliens and trying to revive them. The Professor says he wants Takt to join the team because of his amazing skills (apparently spending 5 minutes hacking into an email program is something very difficult) and they all gather 'round to look at the dumb-looking alien thing (that looks like they spliced a bunch of EVAs together) they're trying to revive.

So they revive this thing, which the Professor calls 'Frank', and then the army attacks, everything goes boom, the Professor yells 'FRAAAAAAANK!' a lot, Frank gets loose, Maki dies, and Takt spazzes out and vomits. This is supposed to show that he's having a crisis or dying or something. But not to worry, because he gets reincarnated as 'Ryu Soma' by Mr. X (what a great name...). Meanwhile, Frank is wandering the Swiss Alps where he meets Heidi and becomes her big robot-alien guardian, or something like that.


Herself the Elf sez: This struck me as a really bad rip-off of Evangelion. Weird, vaguely humanoid/robotic aliens invading, a secret organization trying to use these aliens for their own purposes...along with the stupid design of 'Frank', it was all like a crappy low-budget knockoff of EVA. The plot didn't make much sense, the names were stupid (Morgue?!?), the characters were uninteresting, and the art was awful with really choppy animation. Plus people's noses kept spontaneously disappearing, which was weird to say the least.

What little enjoyment I got out of this piece of crap was when everything in the lab was exploding and the Professor was yelling "FRAAAAANNK!"...I just had a sudden image of that dumb-looking alien-robot thing dressed up in a corset and garter belt singing "I'm just a sweet transvestite..."

Apparently later on in the series there are a whole bunch of pilots and they all fight aliens together (what a novel concept!) with Frank in an organization called 'Funeral' *snicker* but frankly, I'm not interested in seeing any more of this show. A badly drawn, badly animated, badly acted mishmash of other, better shows, Argento Soma should be avoided unless you have a high tolerance for stupidity. Not recommended.

Recently licensed by Bandai Entertainment.

Updated 15-10-02