Wake Up! Aria

Rating: Bleh.

Cover for the video Synopsis:
Aria, a talented young woman, is on her way to Golden Breast Island in search of a quality musical education. Upon her arrival on the mysterious island, Aria meets the other new students in her class: Yan from China, Hiren, and the Indian twins Luna and Monica; all gorgeous - all musically talented! Little do they know that the staff at the elite Royal Elegance Music School is made up of two people: the sick and twisted principal and vice-principal, Mr. Karma and Ms. Shinbi! They're world famous pianists and composers, but their private lessons have a mysterious power. Every student who enrolls in their courses, ends up brainwashed and under the demented duo's complete sexual control! Can Aria and her classmates break Karma and Shinbi's musical spell and escape Golden Breast Island alive? Find out in Kitty's newest sexual romp, Wake Up, Aria!

Kami-sama, I thought nothing could come close to Bondage Queen Kate for worst anime ever made..but this mound of elephant droppings makes a real case out of it. As usual, the story is completely laughable, and the characters are totally lacking in character, but it's the animation that really grabs you in this title. Those of you who have seen Lupin 3: Legend of the Gold Of Babylon, you know the pain. Now multiply it by a factor of ten, add in some pathetically drawn tentacle aliens, a ten dollar budget and some paper cut-outs, and you'd have Wake Up Aria. I really hope you people appreciate what I'm doing for you, I don't know how many more of these hideously awful shows I can take per year. I don't think I need to tell you to stay away from this film, but I'll say it anyways to be sure.
Carnage sez: STAY AWAY FROM WAKE UP ARIA!!!! Very, very far away. At least a kilometer.
Herself the Elf sez: Isn't that a bit excessive?
Carnage sez: 800 meters?

Available subtitled from AnimeWorks, not that ANY of you people should under any circumstances be even thinking of buying it.