The Heroic Legend of Arislan

Rating: 3½ Rampages The pretty prince

Palsian year 321. The kingdom of Palse is engaged in a war against the Kingdom of Lusitania. In the battle of Atropatene, the Palsians are defeated thanks to the treachery of General Karlan. Crown Prince Arislan (who's only 14) is saved by General Daryoon and together they start a voyage in search of new allies.

A standard epic fantasy OVA series with entertaining characters, gorgeous pseudo-persian-style art and a masked villain (of course!). Recently, USMC finally managed to get the last two volumes of this series, so now you get the whole long last. The dubbing job isnít fantastic but itís tolerable. A pretty good series; recommended for fantasy fans.

Alexís Heroic Legend of Arislan Page A very pretty and informative page
Arislan Senki: The Legend Begins Here

Available subtitled or dubbed through US Manga Corps.