Tetsuwan Atom


Rating: 2½ Rampages Mighty Atom

In April 2003 Doctor Boynton produces a sophisticated robot. The machine is a substitute for his son, Toby, who was killed in a traffic accident. But the robot does not grow like a human child. Disappointed, he sells the robot to a robot circus. At the circus his creation is put in public view. But another professor, Dr. Elefun, saves Astro from this plight. Under Dr. Elefun's care, Astro receives an education and a family (built by dr. Elefun). Supported by the love of both his family and the professor, Astro Boy overcomes the contradictions and discrimination of human society, and fights for justice and the peace of all living things, including of course, robots.

Itís old, itís cheesy, the premise has been done time and again...but this was the one that STARTED the genre...among others. Dr. Osamu Tezukaís Tetsuwan Atom is pretty much known as Numero-uno in the anime world, and was the first anime ever brought to North America. Most otaku over the age of 18 remember watching this when they were little, with very fond memories. Tezuka himself is looked at as the Father of anime and manga , and with good reason. Most CERTAINLY worth watching at least once, just so you know where it all began.

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