Rating: 1 Rampage Cover for the video

Cyress was a peaceful planet, until Solomon, a mysterious terrorist group seizes seven PDP missiles capable of destroying entire planets! Defenseless, there is little the people of Cyress can do, but still, the terrorists must be stopped before they carry out any of their threats. Jim Hyatt, trainer for an elite group of counter-terrorists made up of military veterans and hardened criminals, is called in to deal with the Solomon group before they can use their deadly payload to cause anymore devastation. But before they can even think of taking on the terrorists, they're going to have to learn to work together, and fast...Solomon isn't just going to wait around...

Once again I am faced with a show that proves that all the distribution companies are picking up anything and everything, thinking "It's Anime, it'll sell!" *groan* If people don't believe you when you say that most of the anime TV series in Japan are crappy, show them this and they'll start to believe you. My question for Anime Village is WHY!?
A very little-known show (for good reason), AWOL is completely unremarkable in absolutely every way--it's even unremarkable in its lameness. While the character animation was decent (though a lot of the designs were just rather wonky), the action scenes cut corners everywhere and there is a plethora of still images with sound effects. Can you say low production quality? The opening and ending songs were completely flat and uninteresting; I found myeslf fast-forwarding through both every time as they were even more boring than the show they're attached to. As for the story...It's a badly done rehash of The Dirty Dozen, animated. Whee, just what we needed. Now all I need is for someone to do a crappy anime of A Clockwork Orange and my life will be complete. You might find a few of the characters fun to watch, but they sure don't make the rest of the show worth watching. Just avoid AWOL and spend your money on something actually worth it. Not recommended.

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