Ayane's High Kick

Rating: 3 Rampages Ayane,ready for some fisticuffs...whether she realizes it or not.

Ayane Mitsui is a High School student who wants to become a pro wrestler. She sets this as her most important goal, neglecting school and other responsibilities. This is Ayane's ultimate dream. At the beginning of the tape we find Ayane at the All-Japan Women's Pro Wrestling Try-Outs. She fails to get accepted yet afterwards meets a strange old man who saw her audition. He tells her that she has great legs and wishes for her to join his Dojo so that he could train her. She accepts and training begins that night. They start by building the ring, and then continue the next day after school with practicing kicks. Ayane practices everyday while having to hide these events from her mother and her school's assistant principal who detests violent sports. After weeks of hard training we find Ayane going in to take a test which she thinks is for Pro Wrstling, but in actuality it's for kickboxing. Totally off the road of her goal, she blindly follows the trainer in her quest to become a wrestler. Her trainer is constantly hiding his real intentions from her (to be a kickboxer) throughout the entire tape until Ayane's debut fight. All is pulled out into the open as she finally discovers what she has gotten into as the bell is rung...

In a word, wacky. Right from the start where we see Ayane trying out for a wrestling team (and injuring the judges in the process) we know this is a very silly anime. As you can see from the synopsis, Ayane is a little thick, and it takes her the entire first episode to figure out that she's not actually learning how to wrestle...and boy does she get pissed off. The strange thing is the wackiness drops off as soon as a fight begins, at which point it becomes about as brutal as watching a real kickboxing match. While well animated, these fights are kind of odd and not nearly as fun to watch as the rest of the show was. It was kind of like watching a silly version of Rocky, with anime babes instead of Sylvester Stallone (a noticeable improvement if you ask me)...interesting, but kind of freaky at the same time. I'm not quite sure who they're aiming for with this show, but I doubt they hit the mark with any of them as it never made it past the second episode. The highlight of the show is Miyamura Yuko (Asuka, Aisha Clan-Clan, Kotetsu) playing Ayane with her usual flair. Were it not for her typically stellar performance, I doubt this show would have been much fun to watch. All in all, a fairly mediocre package; good for a rental, but I wouldn't recommend it as a purchase.

Available subbed or dubbed through Central Park Media.