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Bakuretsu Hunter TV Series

Rating: 3½ Rampages Marron-kun

Here in the Spooner Continent, sorcerors ruled over the people. The government exploited the people, and the powerless people could do nothing but let their tears fall. But these people had a single source of hope. This was the existence of a secret group. People called them the Sorceror Hunters.

The leader, Carrot Glace, rivals Ataru Moriboshi for supreme hentai-ness. When hit by magic, he turns into a giant slavering which point the two females in the group transform into S&M babes and whip him into submission! A fun filled romp, this series has it all. Comedy, romance, action, kick ass music and an interesting story to keep you hooked. One of the best in a while.

Tira and Chocolate Misu

Bakuretsu Hunter OVAs

Rating: 3½ Rampages

A three part OVA with the same characters as the series, but with many differences. This one is much more like the manga, way more ecchi and several of the characters are new or changed. Still has the same fun filled atmosphere as the TV series and a good dose of action in the second episode. Worth checking out.

Will be available subtitled and dubbed as "Sorceror Hunters" through ADVision in February of '99.

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