Beans and HER lake god


The feckless Amanda "Greenbeans" Anderson still resides in her quiet self-inserted series of "College Life." There, she joins Haruka and Michiru on many unique and life-affirming experiences. Too bad the same can't be said whenever Chaos sneaks in/bellyflops into her world. She's been given a dozen new paranoid psychoses courtesy of Chaos constantly trying to steal her lake god for his own mascot. The consolation is that she does get the reoccurring satisfaction from clocking Chaos in the face with flying calamari.

Mass Destruction Title: Isn't Beans enough?
Japanese Translation of Name: Ingen/Mame
Assumed Name: Amanda Anderson
Latin Nomenclature: Avatara Paranoia Deo Mare Protectera

Fav. Anime OVA series: Bubblegum Crisis/Crash
Fav. Anime TV series: Sailor Moon
Fav. Anime of all times: Ah! Megami-sama!
Fav. Hentai flick: o_O;;;;
Fav. Manga artist(s): Naoko Takeuchi
Fav. Manga of all time: Koko wa Greenwood
Fav. webpage: Beans' homepage

Age in appearance: 18 or 19
Looks like: um, herself?
Sex: Female

Birthdate: April 15
Zodiac: Aries
Blood Type: unsure
Special abilities: throwing seafood accurately at 30 yards
Disorder(s): paranoia (induced by Chaos, BTW)
Smiting technique(s): flinging terrified octopi at Chaos

Hobbies: computers, writing, reading, sleeping.
Dislikes: people who can't catch a clue. [pointed look at Chaos]

Income Source: cuttlefish stocks

Ultimate dream of all time: to dethrone Bill Gates.

Biggest Anime Mindfuck of the Century: Akira as being the first innocent Anime experience @.@

Fav. food: Tuna Casserole
Least Fav. food: Beef stroganoff
Likes to Study: humanities
Doesn't Like to Study: math/calculus

Anime character she most admires: Koko wa Greenwood's Mitsuru. 'Nuff said.

Anime babe she worships: Haruka (o.O)
Anime babe she fears: Michiru (for her worshiping Haruka ^^;)

Dream date: *^^* Nevermind.

Quoted as saying: "Never be the one with the pure heart; they're always the first to be sacrificed."

Most Memorable Fanboy Moment: "Duct taping Chaos after retrieving the lake god."