K.O.Century Beast Warriors 2

Rating: 3 Rampages Some of the cast

In the far future, the human homeworld faces destruction through pollution and over-exploitation. In order to survive, the humans need to find a new place in which they can live, and to find the secret of GAIA. Unfortunately, the place they want is already occupied by the beasts, who don't take being conquered too well... The beasts (humanoids who can change into cute anthropomorphic animal forms) are organised by tribes, each having a tribal totem. What they don't realise is that the totems are weapons possessing special powers and hold the secrets of GAIA. The totems are taken by the humans as well as the children of the tribal chiefs as hostages. Fortunately for the beasts, the scientist researching the totems, Dr. Password, wants to escape. So with the help of his granddaughter Yuni, they release them.

Bud Mint, the bad-English-talking chicken Review:
Cute and funny but definitely weird. Very, very weird. The animation style is ok, music is ok, but itís just so downright bizarre you canít help but enjoy it. The villains are called Bidan and Bijun (beautiful man and beautiful woman) and theyíre a barrel of laughs in themselves. Watch out for the talking chicken.

Only available fansubbed at this time.