Cowboy Bebop

Rating: 4 Rampages

One of the most highly anticipated anime of 1998, Cowboy Bebop, has finally arrived! Set in the distant future, mankind has migrated to space in the ever present colony cylinders. This migration has given way to great opportunities...honest or otherwise! Follow the mercenary ship Bebop and its Bounty Hunter Crew, Spike Speigel, and Jet Black, as they take on a world full of crime, profit, and endless opportunities. Music by Yoko Kanno.

Highly anticipated is right. While everyone has been waiting for the TV shows based off old OVAs (BGC 2040, Silent Mobius) Iíve been waiting for the new gems like Steam Detectives, Gasaraki, and Cowboy Bebop. And I can honestly say that even after only seeing ĺ of the first episode...this is DEFINITELY worth the wait. The art is simply perfect, it fits the characters and mood exactly. The music is wonderful; Kanno taking a new direction, and one that I personally find fascinating. The jazzy, horn-blowing, bass-jamming tracks are a wonder to amazing turn from her usual orchestral pieces. The mechanical designs are very interesting; high tech and yet outdated at the same time, giving them the kind of flavour of a 76 Caddy in a 90ís car chase. Spike himself is great fun to watch, a bit of a cross between Lupin and Ryo Saeba (the Ryo with his mind on the job, not the total lech =) suave, kinda goofy, but not someone to mess with. Though Iím a little disappointed that the series is episodic in nature, it is a very minor gripe. After all, Patlabor and City Hunter were totally episodic in nature, and look how great THEY were. Anyone with a brain cell should be snatching this gem up right away. To be missed only if you are a complete fool.

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