Bubblegum Crisis

The Knight Sabers

Rating: 4 Rampages Priss in armor

The series begins in MegaTokyo of the year 2032, where much of the city has recently been destroyed by the second great Kanto earthquake of 2025. In the process of rebuilding the city, the Genom corporation has become a major world power, due to its introduction of boomers. Boomer technology is essentially a combination of robotics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence in human form, pioneered by Doctor Katsuhito Stingray. Doctor Stingray was killed in a lab accident shortly after initial development was completed, but Genom has continued work on his brainchild, and boomers are now a major segment of the worldwide manual labour and military hardware market. The above is the official, surface description of life in the 2030s. In reality, Genom is far from the saviour of the world that they would project themselves to be. Genom's development of military boomers, and their continuing program of controlling the global economy and government, poses a threat to the very future of humanity. In response, Doctor Stingray's daughter Sylia formed the Knight Sabers to resist their plans in ways that the police and world governments could not.

Great art, good story, kick ass music, and babes in power armor made this into an instant classic. Very obviously influenced by Artmic's early work, (Mospeada) Years later, itís still going strong, and there is even a TV series on the way! Definitely not to be missed by any self-respecting Otaku. Just make damned sure you get the subbed version, as the dubbing job that AnimEigo did is absolutely hideous.

Bubblegum Crash

Rating: 3 Rampages Linna, Nene and Priss in Crash armor

It is the year 2034 A.D. The story of the Knight-Sabers is not yet over. In this three-episode mini-series, an old enemy returns to settle the score!

Though the animation has improved some, the story did not. This series does not measure up to the original, but it does offer some nice closure (sort of) to this great series. Recommended if you are a BGC fan or not. Oh, you may notice Prissí seiyuu changes, unfortunately. Oh well.

Available subtitled or dubbed through AnimEigo.

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Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040

Rating: 3½ Rampages the cast...recognise anyone?

Finally after over ten years, we get the BGC TV series weíve all been waiting for...or is it? Anybody recognise these girls? How bout the music? Or the art style? Or...and thatís where all the comments should stop. Number 1: This is NOT the OVA; It makes no illusions of BEING the original series, nor should you expect it to. Number 2: The fact that it has started over is NOT a bad thing. Number 3: Forget EVERYTHING that you know about the story of BGC, youíll only get frustrated. There, all done? Good. NOW you can watch this series, and actually enjoy it, which it deserves to be. All of the music, with the exception of the closing song, is perfectly fitting; pulse pounding electronic rhythms and vicious hard rock stream through the show, giving you the gritty, futuristic feel it deserves. The animation, though different, is utterly gorgeous and flows wonderfully. The action scenes move at a break-neck pace, and are rendered superbly. The characters themselves are very different, but you get used to them after a while (though I STILL really wanna hurt this new Linna...) and Priss IS still (of course) the bad girl she always has been. Make no mistake, this is not Mega Tokyo; this is Megalo City, and the Knight Sabers have arrived. And Kami-sama, they still know how to make an entrance...

Distributed by ADV Films.

Tokyo 2040

the girls, staring off at somthing...