Big Wars

Rating: 2½ Rampages Big Wars

A mysterious race of aliens has returned to halt mankind's expansion into space. Now, mankind fights a desperate battle with every weapon at its disposal, but will it be enough against the aliens' mind control plague?

Iíve only seen the dub of this (not even sure if there IS a sub) on the local Sci-fi network, and was drawn in for the two hours (there wasnít anything else on at the time). Afterward I simply said "Gee, that looked really familiar..." Nothing new here, unoriginal story, unoriginal characters, good animation (but far from great) and very "Venus Wars"-like mechanical designs. While Venus Wars was a good look at war and what it takes, this is basically just two hours of watching shit get blowed up real good. Which is fine, if thatís all you want in an anime. If, however, you want an original story, and some deep characters, look elsewhere.

Available subtitled or dubbed through US Manga Corps.