Birdy the Mighty

Rating: 3 Rampages

Birdy Cephon Altirra is an interplanetary police officer with a problem. While trying to arrest the alien Geega who has decided to hide on Earth, she inadverently kills an earthling, Tsutomu. As punishment for her mistake, Birdy must allow her body to be used by Tsutomu so that he can continue to live. That's right...he. Tsutomu is a teenage boy who's only concern at the moment is to pass his admissions exam. Waking up the next morning, he vaguely remembers bumping into Birdy, but not much else. So he gets up, gets dressed, and goes to school to take the exam...nothing spectacular. That is, until he starts to forget things on the exam and sees his right hand start to fill the answers out on its own! Yep, that's Birdy helping him. And when he leaves the exam, Birdy's mind (working behind Tsutomu's) sees another villain and she takes command of the shared body and transforms into herself (albeit inside of Tsutomu's uniform). And this is how the story begins. Tsutomu soon begins to learn about Birdy, his new "alter ego." He begins to understand Birdy's predicament, and tries to help her with her work. Although it is kind of embarrassing that, whenever he relaxes too much, Birdy might take control. Such as the time when he's using the bath and falls asleep...and then his father comes in to see Birdy's body! Or when he's attacked by another monster and transforms into Birdy, only to be seen by his girlfriend while doing it!

Good art, nice original story, and interesting characters make this worth renting if nothing else. Only seen a few episodes so far but I like what I see, just nothing groundbreaking.

Available subtitled and dubbed through US Manga Corps.