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We all know that anime is chock-full of busty babes overflowing with fanservice, but what about all those bishounen and hunky guys? Below is a list of my very favourite drool-inducers, in alphabetic order. (They're only drawings, they're only drawings....*sighhh*) To those other bishounen-lovers out there: please do not email me telling me to put so-and-so on this page; these are just MY favourite guys, ok?

The ratings system uses two categories to grade the handsome fellows below:
Coolness (self-explanatory) and
Lemon (i.e. how much I'd like to do something lemon with them...like knock them down and lick them all over...ehehe ^_~' ).
Not all guys are both cool and desirable in equal levels...note, however, that the ratings for these guys are only in relation to each other. Therefore, just because Seiji-kun gets a rating of 2 doesn't mean he sucks, it just means he isn't as cool as, say, Darshu. They're all pretty damn kakkoii or they wouldn't be on this page. ^_~

Sarcasm and her favourites

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Last updated on March 4, 2003.

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