Blazing Transfer Student

Rating: 3½ Rampages

One bright fall day, young Takisawa Noboru transfered to over to Honjakuniku High, arriving an hour after the start of classes as the principal instructed him. Everything seemd to be going fine, until the mildly overzealous hall monitor Jonichi Koichi decides to charge him with tardiness, and administer punishment...see in THIS high school, any argument can be won through sports or combat, leaving Takisawa in a bit of a pinch until the lovely Yukari steps in and saves him from making himself even later than he is. But that's just the start of Takisawa's troubles...the school tough, Ibuki Saburo, has set his sights on both mashing the new meat to a pulp, and winning the hand of Yukari away from any potential the boxing ring! Will Takisawa be able to defeat Ibuki, win the love of Yukari, and still make it to Calculus on time? Of course, it's all in a day's work for a Blazing Transfer Student!

Review: was WEIRD. No, weirder than that. Nope, even weirder. Look, I'm talking about something that would make Cthulhu run away screaming for its mommy. Yeah, there ya go. I have to go with Desolation here folks, this OVA is just messed up. Any show with attacks like "INSECT CRUSHING PUNCH!" and "SPEEDING TRAIN CAR PUNCH!" has something wrong with it. Very obviously (right from the hilariously warped opening song) this is a huge parody of shows like Sukeban Deka, Hokuto No Ken, and any other story where arguments are settled with fights rife with cheesy attack names. Everything about this show is utterly ridiculous, the cheesy 70's style character designs, the BGM, the opening and closing songs, the attacks...pure silliness, all of it. there is no introduction to the characters, no expectations of the story, just insanity. It's like Spaceballs for shonen anime...what an image. Just as with that incredibly silly film, to enjoy this two part OVA, simply turn your brain off for an hour, make sure there are no sharp objects within arms reach, and try not to drink much while watching. follow those instructions, and you'll either be laughing yourself hoarse, or banging your head against a wall to get your brain working again. Either way, you will NOT forget the experience...and I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the creators wanted. Highly recommended for fans of comedy shows like The Ultimate Teacher or Shinesman.

...and if you can sit through this without having to jump start the ol' noggin, you can survive about as much as our lost fanboy. Wear that like a badge.

Currently only available fansubbed.