La Blue Girl

Rating: Zero Miko doing what she does best

Miko Mido and family are entrusted with making sure the sex-starved Shikima stay out of humanity's way. But when the Suzuka clan steals the signet case that symbolizes the Mido family's authority, Miko and her sister are targets of the most dangerous race of perverts around.

The quintessential naughty tentacle anime, this is one gruesome series. There is some pathetic semblance of a story in there somewhere, if you look hard enough, but its mostly just weird evil demons raping young nubile girls for some ludicrous reason (like it matters). Of course there is not even the tiniest hint of character anywhere, but then this is hentai were talking about, so this is not a big surprise. A complete and utter waste of time unless you are a big fan of all things even remotely smutty (In which case, here is a kleenex. Enjoy.)

Available subtitled or dubbed through Anime 18.