Blue Seed

Rating: 3 Rampages (I'll be nice) The cast of Blue Seed

Long ago, a princess was threatened by monsters that roamed the Earth. A warrior rose as her champion and defeated the monsters, sending them to endless sleep. As legends go, this was pretty ordinary except that the monsters are appearing again. This was because two girls - direct descendants of the princess - were born. One of them is Momiji. Now 15 years old, she finds that she has become a target of the monsters...so they can protect her. Protect her, that is, until she can be killed behind a "ceramic field"..otherwise her death will send the monsters back to their eternal slumber. Her sister, Kaide, has already been sacrificed in this way. Momiji is captured and prepared in the right way, but interference from a human Special Forces Team results in Momiji being implanted with a Blue Seed (a blue jewel shaped like a yin/yang symbol which mutates any living creature into a monster). Instead of mutating, Momiji forms some kind of symbiosis with it and can detect other monsters. She is adopted by the Special Forces unit which was formed to combat these monsters, so they can protect her. Even though the best way to defeat the monsters is to kill her...

Overall, I was not that impressed with this one. The art and characters are okay, but not all that interesting. As for the story, its way too much of a "monster of the week" show for my tastes. It does get better near the end (as most anime does), but still not all that great. The one saving grace (and the reason why you should at least rent most of the series) are the Omake Theatre bits. Pure silliness, and a delight to watch, especially after watching the episodes =)

Available subtitled or dubbed through ADVision.

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