Bondage House

Rating: 1½ Rampages

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Takayasu Higashino is a private detective with plenty of expert skills above and beyond mundane investigations. His knowledge of guns is second to none, his martial arts skills are world-class, and his special interrogation techniques are guaranteed to elicit a confession from any female suspect.

When Takayasu rescues the beautiful Ayane from a rape, he is drawn into a dangerous game of intrigue and seduction. He goes under cover and under the covers to sneak into Ayane’s mansion, where she has been imprisoned by her family’s sex-crazed bodyguards.

Before reaching her, however, Takayasu must not only out-smart Ayane’s devilish uncle and his gang of servants, but also her seductive aunt, Kiyoe. This housemistress definitely has her own plans to distract the heroic detective, and it will take all of his special skills to turn the tables on her.

Herself the Elf sez: Oookay...Carnage rented this because the synopsis on the back of the box (see above) indicated it actually had a plot, which is a rarity in hentai. And so it did...or at least I think I saw the plot zip by there somewhere. This show has to win the 'least hentai' award, hands down, not for lack of sex scenes but for lack of...well, much of a show. It just zoomed by and then ended, leaving us sitting there wide-eyed and feeling much like I'd imagine the girlfriend of a 14-year-old virgin would feel. "Was that IT? It's over?!?"

To give the show credit, it *did* have a fair amount of sex for its size...a good half of the minimal screentime was devoted to screwing. They accomplished this by using the clever tactic of having somebody explain the plot in the last 10 minutes of the show whilst showing the heroine being screwed. I suppose that's one way of making lengthy exposition for the sex itself, I was surprised to see actual genitalia shown. That's right, actual animated penises--as opposed to shadows, invisible penises, bananas, or glowing rods of light! Imagine that! Strangely, Takayasu didn't seem to have much expression even in the midst of coitus; Ayane's flailing around and whimpering, while he's just sitting there like an inanimate object. Maybe it's bad form to enjoy yourself...

The animation was about average for a hentai--not unbelievably awful, but not particularly good either. The character designs were okay, but it was obvious the animators weren't all that careful as people's facial features tended to shift in odd directions from time to time. They also drew the women's nipples with strange lines on them, making us wonder if they were hairy or something. -.-; The music was rather silly synth-crap and was quite amusing at some points.

The main problem with this show, however, (besides the incredible brevity) was the plot itself. Here's what I managed to grab as it sped by me: Ayane's brother--whom they subbed variously as 'adopted brother' or 'half-brother'...they couldn't seem to keep it straight--appears to have been killed in a car crash at the beginning of the show. While out investigating the case of a lost kitten, our hero Takayasu discovers Ayane being attacked in an alley, defeats her attackers with his L33T kung-fu skilz (which aren't that impressive...) and takes her to the friendly neighbourhood gun shop, which is apparently his HQ or something. Apparently he looks exactly like her brother, and she takes him home where he poses as her brother, who's miraculously survived the crash. 5 minutes later she shows up in his room, gets naked, and screws him--presumably to show her sororal affection. Later she gets kidnapped by her uncles, who apparently arranged her brother's death so they can inherit the family fortune (which was left to Ayane and her brother). They and their hired goons take Ayane to the basement (ooo, original) where they tie her up, drug and rape her. But she's drugged, so she enjoys it, so it's okay! Of course... Anyways, in the meantime Takayasu gets accosted by the aunt, Kiyoe, but he makes her tell him where Ayane is (while screwing her). He goes down to the basement, gets attacked by the goons and uncles, has the plot explained to him while Ayane gets gang-raped, then Onii-san shows up (having miraculously survived the car crash after all) and kills all the bad guys.

So it's a happy ending, right? Well...not quite. As they're standing there, untying Ayane and exalting in their victory, the house starts burning down around them because Onii-san set it on fire for some unfathomable reason. Also for some unfathomable reason, Onii-san and Ayane decide they must stand there and burn with the house, so they can be together forever. At this point we were just baffled. Even with the original incest intact, there's no real reason for them to commit suicide, and with the 'adopted' or 'half-brother' adaptation it makes even less sense. So Takayasu goes back to his gun shop, where he's reminded that he never did find that kitten. The End.

Yeah, we were wondering "What the *krunk* was that all about?" too. But despite the nonsensical plot, at least it was short. So short, in fact, that none of the flaws really registered all that much--it was in all senses of the word a quickie. If you've only got a few minutes until that important business meeting and absolutely *must* see a hentai in those few minutes, then by all means pick up Bondage House. Otherwise, just pass it by.

Was released (subbed) by Kitty, the adult division of Media Blasters, but Kitty now appears to be defunct...

Created 08-02-02