Bondage Queen Kate

Rating: 0 Rampages0 Rampages0 Rampages0 Rampages0 Rampages (Yes, it really IS that bad.) Oh, there's nobody here to ravish me!

Meet Kate, the voluptuous, virginal new recruit for the Federal Space Army Security Police. Although she's the newest detective in the galaxy police force, she's eager to prove her worth as an undercover agent. Her first assignment: to the find the villains who have been snatching up and raping all the young women of the hot desert planet, Doune.
Will she become their next victim? Can she keep her virtue intact while infiltrating their den of ill repute? No mission is too dangerous, no disguise too skimpy, no sexual exploitation too deviant for our girl Kate to handle!

Alright, now I know that just about all hentai demeans women and treates them unfairly in some respects, but this...THIS...this piece of Mokona droppings takes that to a whole new level. She starts out as a bright-eyed and tough GP operative, then after getting kidnapped, raped, tortured, and claimed as a pet by her rapist, she falls in love with her new master and is exceedingly distressed when the GP come knocking outside the base and rescue her, separating her from her beloved "master." .....WHAT THE [untranslatable]!?!!?!?!? Excuse me?? Character? Continuity? PLOT?!? Not only that, but there are practically no hentai moments anyways! The tape says "the uncensored version." What the *krunk* IS there to censor?! Crappy art, crappy acting, and rather intrusive, cheesy music added to all this make it quite possibly the single worst waste of animation cels ever. Trust me, stay away from this one. Very, VERY far away.

Available subtitled through Kitty Media.